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Fast thinking. From design to execution.

Performance. From design to production.

A high-performance product begins with design and engineering. Subsequently, the design is put into practice by Licco Prompt engineers to be transformed into a pilot product, a prototype that undergoes a regime of tests, adjustments, and iterations until it becomes a product ready for mass production. What sets us apart is the speed at which we move from design to production.

Sometimes, customers desire a specific product from our range of innovations or a product similar to another existing one. In both cases, we have our own approach to design and execution to ensure the quality and brand promise of Licco Prompt.


Umbrellas sold in 25 years


Global Brands as clients


European Countries where are umbrellas are in use


Employees in all our manufacturing facilities

We have more than 300 dear partners we work with.
They are all special. Meet few of them here.

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