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Teamwork in the operating room with the da Vinci surgical system

Imagine your OR running seamlessly with surgeons, staff, and equipment ending up exactly where it needs to be at the right time. This synchronicity of the many roles in the OR with surrounding teams and settings is critical to a smooth-running robotic-assisted surgery program.

Four generations of da Vinci surgical systems, education, and services combine into one powerful ecosystem. Together, these Intuitive resources help your care team achieve robotic-assisted surgery program excellence.

Training now and later

Whether you’re getting started with surgical robotics or you’re continuing to learn, we have programs to help you acquire da Vinci surgical system skills in-person or virtually.

Over the past decade, Intuitive has issued over 190,000 training certificates to hospital care team members, OR staff, and robotics coordinators globally. Trained staff are adept at utilizing Intuitive’s advanced system functions or engaging in troubleshooting for robotic-assisted systems.

Developing your robotics program

Our Genesis services provide OR care teams and reprocessing staff with an understanding of the handling, care, and integration of Intuitive surgical systems, instruments, and accessories. The Genesis team can also work with you to achieve program goals by creating leadership structures, establishing communication pathways, and implementing operational best practices.

In addition, our customer portal can highlight opportunities to improve scheduling and inventory management for your hospital, helping you save system turnover time.

Technical support services

We sustain 99%+ global system uptime through a combination of responsive field service preventative maintenance, technical support, and OnSite remote diagnostics ensuring that your systems are available for use when needed. All while our responsive technical support provides real-time, live support 24/7 365 days for intraoperative and urgent calls.

Da Vinci surgical systems for OR Staff

The da Vinci Xi surgical system, a single boom-mounted system, can be placed in a stationary, single position in the OR for most procedures. This reduces the need to require varying locations or increased staff training and makes it easier for your team to set up and turnover.

Our da Vinci surgical systems have a unique guided setup with a user interface that is clear, easy to learn, and has both visual and audible cues to facilitate quick deployment and precise setup enabling both new and tenured users alike.

When set up and ready, the da Vinci surgical system prioritizes predictable access to the patient at all times and uses the open space above the patient rather than critical bedside space.

Regulatory and Legal Disclaimers and Statements

Product Information

Da Vinci X & Xi Surgical Systems

The Intuitive Surgical Endoscopic Instrument Control Systems (da Vinci X and da Vinci Xi Surgical Systems) are intended to assist in the accurate control of Intuitive Surgical Endoscopic Instruments during urologic surgical procedures, general laparoscopic surgical procedures, gynecologic laparoscopic surgical procedures, general thoracoscopic surgical procedures, and trans-oral otolaryngology surgical procedures restricted to benign tumors and malignant tumors classified as T1 and T2, and for benign base of tongue resection procedures. The systems are indicated for adult and pediatric use (except for transoral otolaryngology surgical procedures). They are intended to be used by trained physicians in an operating room environment. 
The da Vinci X and da Vinci Xi Surgical Systems are class IIb medical devices CE marked (CE2460) under the European Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC), manufactured by Intuitive Surgical, Inc. Refer to Instructions For Use before use

Da Vinci X and Xi surgical systems

Individuals’ outcomes may depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to patient characteristics, disease characteristics and/or physician/surgeon experience.

Some products, features or technologies may not be available in all countries. Please contact your local Intuitive representative for product availability in your region. Refer to the product specific User Manual for indications, contraindications, warnings and other product information.

The information contained in this webpage has been checked and compiled with the greatest care. However, no responsibility is taken for its correctness, completeness and topicality. It is the sole responsibility of the recipient to check all information before using it in the individual case.

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