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Aluminum Umbrella with Double Canopy

1.590,00 lei (VAT included)
Dimensions:Opening system: telescopicCanopy angle: 140 degreesColors:

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Description The aluminum umbrella with double canopy is a square umbrella with a central pole, 4 crossbars, 8 spokes, and a metal support with 4 concrete slabs. The canopy is made of coated and hydrophobized polyester, and the full aluminum frame is electrostatically painted, making it resistant to rust or weather conditions.

More technical details

  • Size: 3,5 x 3,5 m și x 3 x 3 m
  • Shape: Aluminum umbrella with double canopy, square
  • Opening/Closing System: Telescopic
  • Frame: With central pole, 4 crossbars, 8 spokes, and a metal support with 4 concrete slabs, fully made of aluminum and electrostatically painted, resistant to rust or weather conditions
  • Canopy: Made of coated and hydrophobized polyester
  • Colors: white, cream
  • Customization: Heat transfer
  • Fixation: 3 types (in-ground, on-ground, base with concrete slabs)
  • Canopy Angle: 140 degrees

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