Maxima Arched Pergola


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Description The premium covering solution found in both straight and curved pergola models symbolize confidence, durability, and versatility. Configurable to cover a wide range of surfaces, it has been designed to make a difference through quality and elegance in the vicinity of pools, hotel terraces, gardens, and restaurants. This classic pergola distinguishes itself from others in its category by the fact that the entire structure is supported by a system of 4 aluminum pillars per module.

  • Maximum width: 13,5m
  • Maximum projection: 10m
  • Maximum coverage: 135 m2 represents the maximum area that a single system can cover

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  • Extra Options

    Sistem de iluminat liniar cu LED
    Linear LED lighting system
    Variator sistem iluminat
    Lighting system dimmer
    Senzor de vânt
    Wind sensor
    Senzor de soare
    Sun sensor
    Sistem audio integrat
    Integrated audio system
    Suprafață anodizata
    Anodized surface
    Opțiune pentru culori RAL NON-Standard
    Option for NON-Standard RAL colors
    Închidere cu pereți din sticlă sau folie
    Closure with glass or film walls
    Ferestre aluminiu
    Aluminum windows
    Uși aluminiu
    Aluminum doors
    Posibilitate acoperire in culoarea lemnului la alegere
    Possibility of covering in a wood color of choice
  • Why Licco Prompt?

    Build Quality:
    • Our products are designed for professional use, emphasizing cost optimization. They are manufactured by a leading factory using high-quality materials for unmatched robustness and quality.
    Model Range:
    • We apply the same precision and quality standards to all our umbrella models and other sun shading solutions. In recent years, Licco Prompt has become a standard in the industry.
    Flexibility and Innovation:
    • We innovate and design according to your needs in our own research and development department.
    • State-of-the-art electric technology engineered by Licco engineers and electricians, compliant with European market regulations.
    • Licco products are highly secured, not only for heavy use but also for people's protection.
    Customer Support:
    • You can call us anytime for support or service. We are dedicated to ensuring your confidence in purchasing our products.
    Other Features:
    • Integration with any imaginable system, with automated features available upon request. Anything is possible.