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Description The shading pavilion is a modern solution for creating an open-space relaxation area that is airy and protected from direct sunlight. Both the shape of the roof and the perforated material from which it is made allow for the rapid and efficient dissipation of heat, thus improving the thermal comfort of the covered area. Another advantage of this product is its modular feature, which allows for the addition of any number of modules in any direction, maintaining all the benefits. Additionally, thanks to its aerodynamic shape and metal structure, the pavilion offers superior wind resistance. It is important to note that this product is not designed to provide protection against rain, as the roof material is perforated to facilitate ventilation. The roof is made of perforated PVC material and can be optionally customized. The structure is a combination of aluminum and metal painted with electrostatic powder coating.

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  • Size: 3x3, 3x4, 4x4, 4x5, 5x5, 5x6, 6x6
  • Shape: Triungular
  • Fixing: On-ground with concrete slabs
  • Colors: Customizable

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  • Specs

    Made in Europe

    Manufactured in the EU, using our own design and engineering.

    Strong reputation

    25 years of expertise in the sun shading solutions industry.


    Research and Development for launching new products.


    Our own integrated factory. All-in-one solutions for sun shading needs.

    Lighting options
    Lighting options

    Our products are designed to offer various lighting options


    We invest in automation and AI.


    Warming or cooling space near our products.


    Hyper-accessorized products for multi-use purposes.

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    Build Quality:
    • Our products are designed for professional use, emphasizing cost optimization. They are manufactured by a leading factory using high-quality materials for unmatched robustness and quality.
    Model Range:
    • We apply the same precision and quality standards to all our umbrella models and other sun shading solutions. In recent years, Licco Prompt has become a standard in the industry.
    Flexibility and Innovation:
    • We innovate and design according to your needs in our own research and development department.
    • State-of-the-art electric technology engineered by Licco engineers and electricians, compliant with European market regulations.
    • Licco products are highly secured, not only for heavy use but also for people's protection.
    Customer Support:
    • You can call us anytime for support or service. We are dedicated to ensuring your confidence in purchasing our products.
    Other Features:
    • Integration with any imaginable system, with automated features available upon request. Anything is possible.