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The full range of sun shading sails. Complete system.

Any space can be shaded with a professional solution.

Shade sails represent the perfect and modern solution for creating cool outdoor spaces in open areas such as terraces, beaches, parks, and commercial zones where other shading options are not compatible or desired. The materials used to make the sails resist wind, weather, and prolonged exposure to the sun without altering their properties. Through Licco Prompt printing techniques, we can create any type of branding. The corners are reinforced with galvanized or stainless steel rings with a diameter between 6-8 mm, specially designed to withstand wind gusts. The sails are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns tailored to any space and terrain, with flexibility being one of the characteristics of this type of shading solution.
The membrane of shade sails provides a high level of shading, which is very pleasant and comforting. This membrane facilitates vertical airflow, ensuring quality shade without a greenhouse effect. Licco Prompt offers complete sail solutions, including installation and maintenance services.


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