Licco Prompt

The leading provider of sun shading solutions

25 years in professional shading solutions.

A pioneer in the market of terrace umbrellas, pergolas, awnings, tents, and flags since the early 2000s, Licco Prompt has provided professional solutions for global brands operating in the Romanian market, outfitting over 10,000 terraces across the country and even in Central and Eastern Europe with shading infrastructure. Following a substantial investment in an integrated production system for umbrellas and professional shading systems, Licco Prompt has emerged as a leader in a dynamic industry where competitiveness, efficiency, and flexibility have become market benchmarks. Licco Prompt’s factories produce all the aforementioned solutions in an integrated system, with a team of over 100 individuals, some with over 15 years of experience in the industry, enjoying the trust of renowned brands, clients who choose Licco solutions year after year.


Umbrellas sold in 25 years


Global Brands as clients


European Countries where are umbrellas are in use


Employees in all our manufacturing facilities

We have more than 300 dear partners we work with.
They are all special. Meet few of them here.

Working at Licco Prompt


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    No matter your background, educational history, or industry, if you excel in your work or have a fast learning curve, we invite you to join us in reimagining the sun shading solutions industry and beyond.

    Available Jobs

    Manufacturing Engineers

    Join a specialized team of expert engineers, production workers and safety professionals building some of the most exciting umbrellas on the market.

    Manufacturing Workers

    If you’re dedicated, reliable, and enjoy working in a factory setting (manufacturing, assembly, warehousing) alongside advanced technology, we welcome you.


    If you have a knack for sales and strong negotiation skills, we’re expanding our presence in Europe and want you to join us in making history together.

    A responsible company, ready for tomorrow.

    Although we offer shading solutions, we love the sun

    In 2021, Licco Prompt invested in renewable energy by installing photovoltaic panels for production facilities. This allowed us to employ superior technologies and better integrate processes, enhancing product quality while protecting the environment and resources. One of our missions is to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint by 2035.

    Sustainable products, through responsibility.

    From the beginning, Licco Prompt’s philosophy has been oriented towards sustainability and responsible use of resources. As such, one of Licco’s umbrella service programs (refurbishment and repairs) has successfully reintroduced over 28% of umbrellas back into the market. Additionally, through precision technologies and internal education, we have implemented a system that ensures optimal use of resources, whether it’s metal, acrylic, or other materials.

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