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Our integrated factories

Licco Prompt, with two factories based in Arad and Felnac, and three warehouses located in Arad, Felnac commune, and Constanța county, specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of products, including umbrellas, covers, pergolas, awnings, tents, sails, and flags, using an integrated system from start to finish. This comprehensive approach ensures meticulous quality control and results in remarkable products. As a key player in the professional solar shading solutions industry, we recognize the high expectations set by our customers. By operating an integrated factory, we strive to consistently meet and exceed these expectations.

Entirely manufactured in EU

Our products are proudly manufactured in the European Union, underscoring our commitment to excellence and supporting local manufacturing processes. By harnessing the expertise and resources available within the EU, we deliver competitively priced, high-quality goods engineered to meet the rigorous standards of our discerning clientele.

The leading sun shading solutions supplier

With a track record of over 1 million umbrellas sold, Licco Prompt stands as the foremost supplier not only in Romania but also across Southeast Europe. Our vision extends beyond borders, aiming to provide top-tier products throughout Europe. We invite interested parties to explore partnership opportunities with us to become resellers in their respective countries, outside Romania.

Technology and Know-How

Customization of products represents a crucial component of the manufacturing process, as it is found in most requests regarding the appearance of the final product.

In this regard, we meet our customers’ desires with a wide range of professional wide-format printing equipment, utilizing various technologies from UV LED to sublimation and heat transfer. This not only ensures exceptional print quality but also offers advantages in terms of the diversity of printable materials (from roll materials to rigid materials in sheets, etc.), as well as high productivity resulting from the top technical features of the equipment and their ease of operation (minimal maintenance, fully automated operational processes, complex real-time monitoring systems, fast and easy material loading/unloading technologies, 24/7 operation capabilities including remote monitoring via the web).

The inks used are of superior quality, dedicated to the respective equipment, developed by the manufacturers to provide the best print quality while also offering increased durability over time (above-average UV factor – colors will last longer and better under sunlight exposure, resistance to large temperature differences, resistance to mechanical factors, etc.).

These state-of-the-art equipment are from globally recognized top manufacturers, combining the advantages of the latest technologies and innovations with genuine care and dedication to environmental protection: significantly reduced energy consumption, durable components, minimization of consumables and residues, protection of health including that of operators and end-users – eco-friendly inks, including those with Green Guard Gold certificates allowing prints to be used indoors even in hospitals or nurseries.

In the manufacturing processes, both textile and metal raw materials are processed using advanced, state-of-the-art technologies specific to each processing stage.

Regarding the cutting and die-cutting of textile materials, equipment such as automatic computer numerical control (CNC) cutting machines or ultrasonic cutting systems are utilized. The world-renowned automatic cutting machine, equipped with automatic material handling systems and an extended conveyor working area, offers high productivity, while laser sensor systems ensure high-quality, rapid, and precise cutting of materials.

Metallic materials are cut similarly to textile ones, but the process is even more complex: loading/unloading of materials is done with the help of a pivoting mini crane that maneuvers materials using suction cups or industrial magnets, and the actual cutting is done by concentrated LASER beam cutting.

Sewing and welding are also carried out through dedicated equipment for both textile and metal materials – industrial equipment configured specifically for each operation to achieve the highest quality joints, both in terms of aesthetic appearance and practical long-term usability at optimal parameters, but last but not least, ensuring the safety of the end users by providing protection.

These equipments are operated by our highly experienced team, who oversee all operations. Additionally, we have a dedicated department for special and experimental projects, including prototyping for future products.

All metallic components are crafted on our CNC cutting machines utilizing powerful laser technology. This ensures precision and durability, meeting the stringent standards of our global clientele. Licco Prompt is an approved partner for over 100 international brands.

Our clients demand exceptional quality in the appearance of our products, especially those visible on terraces. To meet these standards, we have invested in advanced coating, painting, and finishing techniques, including electrostatic field coating of the structures and metallic components associated with our products, to exceed any expectation. Additionally, these technologies offer customers the option to choose special colors for their products, adding significant customization and integration into the landscape where they will be installed.

As an innovative company, we invest in new products equipped with high comfort and automation features, including lighting, heating, air conditioning, connectivity, and more. We have a dedicated department for electrical operations.
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